I hate it when...

I hate it when someone takes something I really love and enjoy and royally fucks it up. Well, M. Night Shyamalan has been sucking at his movie making abilities lately, so of course he would also suck at casting a movie as well.

I LOVE the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. But yes, I'm one of the many who hates the fact that M. Night couldn't stay true to the show's inspiration of Eastern Asian and Inuit cultures. The casting of the movie is just...wrong. Period. If you know the show you'll know what I'm talking about (*cough* characters are NOT WHITE!). Do some digging and you'll see what the creators of the show researched and were inspired by when they created the show. *le sigh*

Sadly, even though many people are going to protest the movie, there are the hoards who will actually go because "the effects look neat" or the "fight scenes seem cool." None the less, I'm one of those that will make my own personal protest and not go because...well...I've got a certain morals and just can't support this!

bleh-this is just a rant...but I wanted to put it out there anyway.

Until next time
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It may seem childish...

From now on, most of my entries won't be open to the public. I don't update much anyway, but I have my reasons. No one is missing out on much. I can easily say, though, that things have been great. I have a full time job working with special ed kids on probation. I live back in New Brunswick with Eric-and I'm a stone's throw away from Douglass (which is pretty neat). People want to go out to the bars? Free bus system practically right outside my door. No worry about designated drivers (well, at least not during the school year). This also gives me the opportunity to save up some money so I can take some non-matriculated graduate courses, take the GRE's, and apply to a full time grad program. I've been out of school too long...it's time to go back and attempt to fulfill my goals.

Did I make any new year's resolutions? No, not really. I'm just trying to promise to myself that I will study for the GRE's, take many practice tests, and hopefully break at least 1,000 in order to have some chance of getting into a grad program. It's time that I really started the process. I have to put my fears aside and just do it.

I also promise myself that Eric and I will take down the Christmas tree by February...or before Valentine's Day. It still looks like Christmas exploded. Some of the gifts are still sitting under the tree. Wow, we really are lazy people. :)

Things to look forward to in the near future? Tuesday we're going to the Starland Ballroom to see Cradle of Filth. In the next month or two, Killswitch Engage is going to be playing in both the Philly and New York areas. We're going to try to hit up one of those shows. Does anyone else know of awesome shows in the area to go to in the next couple of months? Let me know! :)
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Busy, busy, busy

Ok, I'll be super busy for the next week or so, and this is why:

Tonight, Aug. 16th-laundry and pack for camping! :)
Tomorrow, Aug. 17th- finish packing by 3pm, pick up tiny pay check, head down to New Brunswick, go camping shopping with Eric.
Aug. 18th- INTERVIEW! It's for a job at the ARC in North Brunswick that Shannon, Eric's roommate, referred me to. I really hope I get this job-I really need it, and from what I hear, I'm one of the few that's really qualified for the position-so please cross your fingers people, I really need all the luck I can get. (I hope that getting pooped on by not one, but two birds at different times on Sunday at Point Pleasant will give me the significant amount of luck I need.) Perhaps a little more camping shopping will happen. Later that night we're going to see SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!! :) Then at some point we're going to head to Rahway, crash at Shannon's parents house.
Aug. 19th- Head for Lake George camping!! :) WOO-HOO!
Aug. 24th- At some point in the day come back from camping. :( BOO! Do some laundry, fall asleep in New Brunswick.
Aug. 25th- Hopefully make my way with Eric to Dorney Park. We were trying to figure out if anyone else wanted to go-so far we only have a couple of maybes-nothing definitive. All I know is that we can get in for only $30.
Aug. 26th- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! :) I'll be turning the big 25, quarter of a century old. ugh. Well, hopefully 25 will be a successful year-cross your fingers people. That day I'm heading down to the PNC Bank Arts Center for Opie and Anthony's Traveling Virus. We're going to see comics like Tracy Morgan, Carlos Mencia, and Bob Saget!! WOO-HOO!! That's Eric's birthday present for me!! *happy, giddy dance* We're going to tailgate this bitch to-I'm such a dork-I've never tailgated! I called birthday privelage so I don't have to drive-alcohol, here I come! :)

Wow, what a way to bring about my 25th birthday-hopefully the amount of eggs cracked on my head will be minimal, but Eric has threatened lots of eggs on my head. We'll see what happens. We're even going to have a joint birthday party on the Island for Shannon, Joe, and myself. I foresee a really awesome time.

And in September? Tool concert at the Tweeter Center in Camden on Sept. 28th. Holy shit, I'm excited. :)

Until next time...
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Woah, I've been tagged!

vegeta573 has tagged me, so here goes:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I
know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

"Soon enough he is stalking doorways, leading the dancing moon of Jed's flashlight with the barrel of his rifle, and always listening. Corners, however, only reveal more corners, and Jed's light only targets ashen walls, though soon enough they all begin to detect that inimitable growl, like calving glaciers, far off in the distance, which at least in the mind's eye, inhabits a thin line where rooms and passageways must finally concede to become a horizon. 'The growl amost always comes like the rustle of a high mountain wind on the trees,' Navidson explained later."

That passage is from House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski. Shreyas recommended it to me at some point last year and I started reading it today.

Now I tag:
neutralface, samedarkclouds, damnitnicole, livinginexhile, and unrequitedthai. :)
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Myspace help-URGENT!

Ok, many of you already know that I've been on Myspace for a while. Today when I tried to sign in, it was impossible. When I got to my temp job (I'll only be here for a couple of hours, then I have to leave), I went to go sign in and it told me that my ID was an invalid user ID, and that either I deleted it, or myspace deleted it. There's no way in hell I deleted it, and I wouldn't know why Myspace would delete it. If you myspacers out there would kindly check to see if my profile is out there, it would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm pretty irked at this moment. Thanks a bunch.
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Quick update

I got home from New Brunswick to find that my internet connection is back up!! :)

Now if only I could find a job...
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Holy Tornadoes Batman!!

Tuesday night Montclair was hit with a huge, major storm that only lasted about half an hour and cause more devastation that I've ever seen in my life in that town-literally. My friend Chip took pictures of the carnage. Most of these pictures are literally a block or two away from my house-on parallel streets to mine. Initially 8,000 people were without power in my town. We were lucky that our house only got cable, internet, and telephone knocked out. It was said that the storm was the strongest type of storm, and that there was a tree top tornado...in Montclair...insane... A huge tree branch fell on my car-well, the trunk of my car, but if I parked where I've been parking lately (closer to the sidewalk due to my dad painting the front of the house) my car would have bee squished. Anywho, we still don't have cable, internet, or telephone. I'm updating this from Eric's place in New Brunswick, and any internet access I'll have for who knows how long is going to be quite limited. I think the only major internet access I'll have is either down here in New Brunswick, or perhaps at other locations (which is doubtful). It's really aggravating because I'm desperately looking for employment-I mean desperately. I really need a job-I am not joking. It seems like I'm begging at this moment, and I'm this close to begging. I'm a smart, college educated girl...and why the fuck can't I get a job? This is just so fucking frustrating it's not even funny. So, without internet access I won't have much opportunity to look for jobs on the internet. *sigh* This totally sucks. Carrie, I'm this close to going to your old company and asking for work there-it would totally suck, but if something doesn't come soon, I might just have to do it.

So, for those of you who are used to seeing me online, sorry for the disappointment-not sure when I'll be visible again. :(

Until next time...whenever that may be...
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May In Review...

Ok, so like I said a while ago, May was insanely busy for me. I had something to do every weekend of the month, and I had a quite awesome time! So, here's a week by week recount of the festivities in May.

May 4th: Eric and I drive out to Glen Rock, PA for this year's annual Fairie Festival. We pick up Kurt, get some Rita's, and then make our way slowly to the farm. Thursday night we set up camp and then walk to the bonfire. I had my flutes with me, there were drummers, and it was a generally fun time. Next day we wake up, shower, and I get dressed in my fairie festival outfit. I was pretty much a flute fairy. The saddest thing is that I forgot my camera! I am dumb!! It's funny-I know a bunch of people at the festival took pictures of me in costume-I just have no idea who they are or how to get a hold of them. There is one picture of me that Deb managed to take of me on Saturday. :) *Thank you!!* It's not the whole outfit, but at least it's the top half of the flute fairy outfit. Thank you to livinginexhile for helping to pick out the outfit. I haven't forgotten about how one of these beautiful days we're going to go galavanting in a park with your camera and the outfit so you can take pics of it. IT WILL HAPPEN BEFORE THE SUMMER IS OVER-I promise. :) Ok-so that Friday night is the major bonfire. John texts me and surprisingly I get the message. We make our way over to the bonfire site and meet up with John and Deb. They have alcohol on them, we have alcohol on us-it's going to be a good night. There is a huge pile of wood for the bonfire, and in the middle of this huge pile of wood is last year's maypole-symbol of fertility and abundance. There's a band playing, we're talking, drinking (Deb brought some really good rum mixture thing-it was quite excellent, and I attribute a lot of my drunkenness that evening to that mixture). Then they light the bonfire and people start dancing around the fire. I'm still drinking my beer and waiting for a good moment to join. Finally I give my drink to John and decide to jump into the circle of dancers. I only make half a revolution around the fire when I feel something hit my head and Kurt appears underneath me saying "I got it." I got hit with last year's Maypole. Of all the people it could have hit, it hit me. I'm glad it didn't hit the kid who was in front of me. A couple of minutes earlier I was joking with Eric and John how I didn't want burning embers falling in my hair and lighting my hair on fire. Well, the bottom of the maypole was probably on fire, just not the top. Still, I was in shock and I fell to the ground and started crying (yeah, go ahead, call me a pussy-AND WHAT? YOU WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT?) They take me out of the circle and let me get my shocked crying out of my system, thinking I'm cursed with the worst luck ever. I think I kept saying "only me-this kind of stuff only happens to me." Of course, I wasn't in the right frame of mind to think logically about this kind of stuff. People kept telling me to look at it as a sign of things in my life about to change-and since then I've been proactive about trying to find a new job other than being just a temp, wanting to move out, etc. When I realized that Eric was next to me I just sort of fell into his lap and got the crying out of my system. He said something along the lines of "ok, maybe you're right...but you'll only hear me say it this once." =P I know I'll be right many more times! The rest of the night I continued to drink beer, Deb's rum mixture, and mead (that occasionally would spill down my shirt-was I too drunk to keep it under control??). That evening ended pretty good. In fact, I had a great time at the rest of the festival. The outfits were amazing, the food was great, the music was really great. I didn't get to see Clann an Drumma, b/c they don't go by that name anymore. They are now Albanach, but they are amazing! :) Scottish drummers and a bagpiper. It was great. One of the members (David) saw me playing my double penny whistle and then I asked him if he wanted to play it, AND HE DID! He was pretty good!! That was very cool. :) So I guess there were a couple of downsides to the festival, such as the county being under a fire ban, so all bonfires or any kind of fire had to be out by MIDNIGHT! So, no all night partying. :( Oh well, hopefully it won't be like that when I go camping at Lake George in August. :)

May 11th-I get to see Mindless Self Indulgence for the first time in my life! :) They played at the Avalon in NYC. I went with Eric and his friend Steph. We get to the city, grab a slice of pizza (because nothing beats city pizza), and make our way to the venue. So this is what I have to say about the show in general. I think the Avalon is ok as a club venue, but not a good place to hold a rock band. Or, if they're going to have a rock band they should at least get a good sound guy. The opening band never showed up, so we were sitting around watching people dance to music for a while (like, until about 9). MSI had great energy, but the sound guy was shit b/c you could barely hear the guitar. I still had a good time, though. Good thing Eric brought his camera b/c we got pics of us with LynZ, Steve, and Kitty. We missed out on Jimmy, though. Oh well, next time. :) I think they're playing the Starland in July, which means I'M THERE! They banned crowd surfing at this venue, so perhaps I'll get to do crowd surfing for the first time the next time I see them. :)

May 13th-14th: Carrie's Bachelorette party. (I don't know how to spell that word.) We went down to Atlantic City for the festivities. We stayed at the Sheraton, where they have the Miss America pageant. We walked to the boardwalk, we went on the rides (we would have gone on the helicopter ride but it was too foggy), we went to Ripley's Believe it or Not!, we ate boardwalk food, a seagull landed on Carrie's head and stole part of her funnel cake! (I can't believe I missed that one). We got back to the hotel, Diane, Carrie, and Christine got food while Anitza and I decorated the room (without Carrie knowing) for her hotel party. :) We had a bathtub of alcohol!!! We had Carrie wear glittery penises as we walked around AC and got food and stuff. I had a great time-thanks again, Carrie, for having me involved in all of this. :)

May 20th-Carrie's wedding! I got to wear a pretty dress!. The guy I'm walking down the aisle is one of the groomsmen, Aaron. See, you can even see a pretty lake in the background. As you can tell from Carrie's veil, it was quite a windy day but it was still beautiful and sunny. :) See? The reception hall was pretty sunny. There's so much that happened during the wedding that it's just too hard to sum up. I think the guy who married them did a really great job, the day was really nice, the location was pretty, and the people seemed to enjoy themselves. Carrie, I know some stuff happened the day after the wedding, but I hope those things don't make the memory of the good stuff go down the toilet for you. :) I have to say, that this is by far my favorite pictures in that whole line up of Carrie and Chris. She is totally giddy and has that look of "yay, I'm married" and he's all looking proud and stuff. Good job guys. Perhaps I'll go through this process one day-just not until WAY, WAY, WAY in the future-I'm totally NOT thinking about that kind of stuff at this moment in time. I'm just happy that Eric came along and wore a suit. :)

May 27th-I head out to PA (again, but this time not as far in) with Shannon (Eric's roommate) and Eric for Shannon's boyfriend's surprise 21st birthday party (said bf's name is Adam). It was at some Rockabilly club outside of Philly-and it was so much fun! And, again, I got pretty hammered. hehe It was pretty fun-I had a good time.

June 1st-Ok, I know it's not in May, but it still needs to be added in. I got to meet Kevin Smith and Brian O'Halloran when I went to Vulgarthon, Kevin Smith's film festival. It was awesome! I went with my friend Cheryl and a couple of her friends. I had a great time-I hadn't seen her in months. Hopefully I'll get to see her at Eric's bbq on the 24th. Oh, and at Vulgarthon I got to see....CLERKS 2!!!!!!! I thought it was great. I'll definitely go again when it opens in theaters on July 21st. :)

Ok, enough ranting from me. My fingers are all tired from typing. Things I'm looking forward to in the month of June:
Tomorrow-Portuguese Festival in Newark.
Sunday-Hopefully going to a pirate festival!
June 16th-Going to see Nine Inch Nails!!!! (faints) Got a ticket for Eric for his birthday
June 17th-Chilling down in Mt. Holly
June 22nd-Happy Birthday Eric :)
June 24th-Eric and Shannon's opening BBQ of the season. :)

Until next time...
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Birthdays! :)

First of all, I'll write a longer entry later. This is a very quick birthday shot out to two people. First of all, my niece Jovannah is seven years old today. Happy birthday girlie! :)

Secondly, today is Billy Joel's birthday. Yes, I'm a fan-laugh all you want. I've been a fan for many years and will continue to do so. As an annual tradition I'm listening to all of his albumns in chronological order. I'm currently at the end of Turnstiles. Here are they lyrics to the song I'm currently listening to. Happy Birthday Billy! :)

I've loved these Days - Billy Joel

Now we take our time, so nonchalant
And spend our nights so bon vivant
We dress our days in silken robes
The money comes
The money goes
We know it's all a passing phase

We light our lamps for atmosphere
And hang our hopes on chandeliers
We're going wrong, we're gaining weight
We're sleeping long and far too late
And so it's time to change our ways
But I've loved these days

Now as we indulge in things refined
We hide our hearts from harder times
A string of pearls, a foreign car
Oh we can only go so far
On caviar and cabernet

We drown our doubts in dry champagne
And soothe our souls with fine cocaine
I don't know why I even care
We'll get so high and get nowhere
We'll have to change our jaded ways
But I've loved these days

So before we end and then begin
We'll drink a toast to how it's been
A few more hours to be complete
A few more nights on satin sheets
A few more times that I can say
I've loved these days

Until next time...
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New glasses...

Thanks to Andrea and her gift of coupons to LensCrafters I'm going to get a new pair of glasses on Monday. Sad to say, I haven't had my eyes checked in...wait for it...6 (maybe 7?) years. YES, I KNOW THAT'S STUPID. I am fully aware of this. But, I didn't think my eyes were really having an issue until the past year or so. Now with these coupons I'll be able to get a new pair of glasses, and perhaps even a pair of prescription sunglasses-which would be awesome. The only thing about getting glasses is that it's a new look. I don't wear contacts so my glasses are a distinct feature of my face. I don't want to get a pair of frames that I'm not going to like. What if I think I like them, but then realize that no-I really don't like the frames. I hope I don't get stuck with them. I wonder if there's some kind of return policy or something. *sigh* I'm just nervous about changing my look. I want people to like it. I want to feel pretty in my glasses-which I already do-but I want to make sure the new frames will have that same effect. I don't want to get something too big, yet I don't want something too small. I have quite a round face so I have to make sure that I get frames that fit on me yet also good. I was in Lenscrafters for about an hour or so yesterday just trying on frames and getting a feel for what I want. Has anyone else gotten frames from LensCrafters, and if so do you know if they have policies on exchanging frames if you don't like them? Perhaps I'm being too paranoid!

Until next time...
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