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New glasses...

Thanks to Andrea and her gift of coupons to LensCrafters I'm going to get a new pair of glasses on Monday. Sad to say, I haven't had my eyes checked in...wait for it...6 (maybe 7?) years. YES, I KNOW THAT'S STUPID. I am fully aware of this. But, I didn't think my eyes were really having an issue until the past year or so. Now with these coupons I'll be able to get a new pair of glasses, and perhaps even a pair of prescription sunglasses-which would be awesome. The only thing about getting glasses is that it's a new look. I don't wear contacts so my glasses are a distinct feature of my face. I don't want to get a pair of frames that I'm not going to like. What if I think I like them, but then realize that no-I really don't like the frames. I hope I don't get stuck with them. I wonder if there's some kind of return policy or something. *sigh* I'm just nervous about changing my look. I want people to like it. I want to feel pretty in my glasses-which I already do-but I want to make sure the new frames will have that same effect. I don't want to get something too big, yet I don't want something too small. I have quite a round face so I have to make sure that I get frames that fit on me yet also good. I was in Lenscrafters for about an hour or so yesterday just trying on frames and getting a feel for what I want. Has anyone else gotten frames from LensCrafters, and if so do you know if they have policies on exchanging frames if you don't like them? Perhaps I'm being too paranoid!

Until next time...
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