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May In Review...

Ok, so like I said a while ago, May was insanely busy for me. I had something to do every weekend of the month, and I had a quite awesome time! So, here's a week by week recount of the festivities in May.

May 4th: Eric and I drive out to Glen Rock, PA for this year's annual Fairie Festival. We pick up Kurt, get some Rita's, and then make our way slowly to the farm. Thursday night we set up camp and then walk to the bonfire. I had my flutes with me, there were drummers, and it was a generally fun time. Next day we wake up, shower, and I get dressed in my fairie festival outfit. I was pretty much a flute fairy. The saddest thing is that I forgot my camera! I am dumb!! It's funny-I know a bunch of people at the festival took pictures of me in costume-I just have no idea who they are or how to get a hold of them. There is one picture of me that Deb managed to take of me on Saturday. :) *Thank you!!* It's not the whole outfit, but at least it's the top half of the flute fairy outfit. Thank you to livinginexhile for helping to pick out the outfit. I haven't forgotten about how one of these beautiful days we're going to go galavanting in a park with your camera and the outfit so you can take pics of it. IT WILL HAPPEN BEFORE THE SUMMER IS OVER-I promise. :) Ok-so that Friday night is the major bonfire. John texts me and surprisingly I get the message. We make our way over to the bonfire site and meet up with John and Deb. They have alcohol on them, we have alcohol on us-it's going to be a good night. There is a huge pile of wood for the bonfire, and in the middle of this huge pile of wood is last year's maypole-symbol of fertility and abundance. There's a band playing, we're talking, drinking (Deb brought some really good rum mixture thing-it was quite excellent, and I attribute a lot of my drunkenness that evening to that mixture). Then they light the bonfire and people start dancing around the fire. I'm still drinking my beer and waiting for a good moment to join. Finally I give my drink to John and decide to jump into the circle of dancers. I only make half a revolution around the fire when I feel something hit my head and Kurt appears underneath me saying "I got it." I got hit with last year's Maypole. Of all the people it could have hit, it hit me. I'm glad it didn't hit the kid who was in front of me. A couple of minutes earlier I was joking with Eric and John how I didn't want burning embers falling in my hair and lighting my hair on fire. Well, the bottom of the maypole was probably on fire, just not the top. Still, I was in shock and I fell to the ground and started crying (yeah, go ahead, call me a pussy-AND WHAT? YOU WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT?) They take me out of the circle and let me get my shocked crying out of my system, thinking I'm cursed with the worst luck ever. I think I kept saying "only me-this kind of stuff only happens to me." Of course, I wasn't in the right frame of mind to think logically about this kind of stuff. People kept telling me to look at it as a sign of things in my life about to change-and since then I've been proactive about trying to find a new job other than being just a temp, wanting to move out, etc. When I realized that Eric was next to me I just sort of fell into his lap and got the crying out of my system. He said something along the lines of "ok, maybe you're right...but you'll only hear me say it this once." =P I know I'll be right many more times! The rest of the night I continued to drink beer, Deb's rum mixture, and mead (that occasionally would spill down my shirt-was I too drunk to keep it under control??). That evening ended pretty good. In fact, I had a great time at the rest of the festival. The outfits were amazing, the food was great, the music was really great. I didn't get to see Clann an Drumma, b/c they don't go by that name anymore. They are now Albanach, but they are amazing! :) Scottish drummers and a bagpiper. It was great. One of the members (David) saw me playing my double penny whistle and then I asked him if he wanted to play it, AND HE DID! He was pretty good!! That was very cool. :) So I guess there were a couple of downsides to the festival, such as the county being under a fire ban, so all bonfires or any kind of fire had to be out by MIDNIGHT! So, no all night partying. :( Oh well, hopefully it won't be like that when I go camping at Lake George in August. :)

May 11th-I get to see Mindless Self Indulgence for the first time in my life! :) They played at the Avalon in NYC. I went with Eric and his friend Steph. We get to the city, grab a slice of pizza (because nothing beats city pizza), and make our way to the venue. So this is what I have to say about the show in general. I think the Avalon is ok as a club venue, but not a good place to hold a rock band. Or, if they're going to have a rock band they should at least get a good sound guy. The opening band never showed up, so we were sitting around watching people dance to music for a while (like, until about 9). MSI had great energy, but the sound guy was shit b/c you could barely hear the guitar. I still had a good time, though. Good thing Eric brought his camera b/c we got pics of us with LynZ, Steve, and Kitty. We missed out on Jimmy, though. Oh well, next time. :) I think they're playing the Starland in July, which means I'M THERE! They banned crowd surfing at this venue, so perhaps I'll get to do crowd surfing for the first time the next time I see them. :)

May 13th-14th: Carrie's Bachelorette party. (I don't know how to spell that word.) We went down to Atlantic City for the festivities. We stayed at the Sheraton, where they have the Miss America pageant. We walked to the boardwalk, we went on the rides (we would have gone on the helicopter ride but it was too foggy), we went to Ripley's Believe it or Not!, we ate boardwalk food, a seagull landed on Carrie's head and stole part of her funnel cake! (I can't believe I missed that one). We got back to the hotel, Diane, Carrie, and Christine got food while Anitza and I decorated the room (without Carrie knowing) for her hotel party. :) We had a bathtub of alcohol!!! We had Carrie wear glittery penises as we walked around AC and got food and stuff. I had a great time-thanks again, Carrie, for having me involved in all of this. :)

May 20th-Carrie's wedding! I got to wear a pretty dress!. The guy I'm walking down the aisle is one of the groomsmen, Aaron. See, you can even see a pretty lake in the background. As you can tell from Carrie's veil, it was quite a windy day but it was still beautiful and sunny. :) See? The reception hall was pretty sunny. There's so much that happened during the wedding that it's just too hard to sum up. I think the guy who married them did a really great job, the day was really nice, the location was pretty, and the people seemed to enjoy themselves. Carrie, I know some stuff happened the day after the wedding, but I hope those things don't make the memory of the good stuff go down the toilet for you. :) I have to say, that this is by far my favorite pictures in that whole line up of Carrie and Chris. She is totally giddy and has that look of "yay, I'm married" and he's all looking proud and stuff. Good job guys. Perhaps I'll go through this process one day-just not until WAY, WAY, WAY in the future-I'm totally NOT thinking about that kind of stuff at this moment in time. I'm just happy that Eric came along and wore a suit. :)

May 27th-I head out to PA (again, but this time not as far in) with Shannon (Eric's roommate) and Eric for Shannon's boyfriend's surprise 21st birthday party (said bf's name is Adam). It was at some Rockabilly club outside of Philly-and it was so much fun! And, again, I got pretty hammered. hehe It was pretty fun-I had a good time.

June 1st-Ok, I know it's not in May, but it still needs to be added in. I got to meet Kevin Smith and Brian O'Halloran when I went to Vulgarthon, Kevin Smith's film festival. It was awesome! I went with my friend Cheryl and a couple of her friends. I had a great time-I hadn't seen her in months. Hopefully I'll get to see her at Eric's bbq on the 24th. Oh, and at Vulgarthon I got to see....CLERKS 2!!!!!!! I thought it was great. I'll definitely go again when it opens in theaters on July 21st. :)

Ok, enough ranting from me. My fingers are all tired from typing. Things I'm looking forward to in the month of June:
Tomorrow-Portuguese Festival in Newark.
Sunday-Hopefully going to a pirate festival!
June 16th-Going to see Nine Inch Nails!!!! (faints) Got a ticket for Eric for his birthday
June 17th-Chilling down in Mt. Holly
June 22nd-Happy Birthday Eric :)
June 24th-Eric and Shannon's opening BBQ of the season. :)

Until next time...
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