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Holy Tornadoes Batman!!

Tuesday night Montclair was hit with a huge, major storm that only lasted about half an hour and cause more devastation that I've ever seen in my life in that town-literally. My friend Chip took pictures of the carnage. Most of these pictures are literally a block or two away from my house-on parallel streets to mine. Initially 8,000 people were without power in my town. We were lucky that our house only got cable, internet, and telephone knocked out. It was said that the storm was the strongest type of storm, and that there was a tree top tornado...in Montclair...insane... A huge tree branch fell on my car-well, the trunk of my car, but if I parked where I've been parking lately (closer to the sidewalk due to my dad painting the front of the house) my car would have bee squished. Anywho, we still don't have cable, internet, or telephone. I'm updating this from Eric's place in New Brunswick, and any internet access I'll have for who knows how long is going to be quite limited. I think the only major internet access I'll have is either down here in New Brunswick, or perhaps at other locations (which is doubtful). It's really aggravating because I'm desperately looking for employment-I mean desperately. I really need a job-I am not joking. It seems like I'm begging at this moment, and I'm this close to begging. I'm a smart, college educated girl...and why the fuck can't I get a job? This is just so fucking frustrating it's not even funny. So, without internet access I won't have much opportunity to look for jobs on the internet. *sigh* This totally sucks. Carrie, I'm this close to going to your old company and asking for work there-it would totally suck, but if something doesn't come soon, I might just have to do it.

So, for those of you who are used to seeing me online, sorry for the disappointment-not sure when I'll be visible again. :(

Until next time...whenever that may be...
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