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Busy, busy, busy

Ok, I'll be super busy for the next week or so, and this is why:

Tonight, Aug. 16th-laundry and pack for camping! :)
Tomorrow, Aug. 17th- finish packing by 3pm, pick up tiny pay check, head down to New Brunswick, go camping shopping with Eric.
Aug. 18th- INTERVIEW! It's for a job at the ARC in North Brunswick that Shannon, Eric's roommate, referred me to. I really hope I get this job-I really need it, and from what I hear, I'm one of the few that's really qualified for the position-so please cross your fingers people, I really need all the luck I can get. (I hope that getting pooped on by not one, but two birds at different times on Sunday at Point Pleasant will give me the significant amount of luck I need.) Perhaps a little more camping shopping will happen. Later that night we're going to see SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!! :) Then at some point we're going to head to Rahway, crash at Shannon's parents house.
Aug. 19th- Head for Lake George camping!! :) WOO-HOO!
Aug. 24th- At some point in the day come back from camping. :( BOO! Do some laundry, fall asleep in New Brunswick.
Aug. 25th- Hopefully make my way with Eric to Dorney Park. We were trying to figure out if anyone else wanted to go-so far we only have a couple of maybes-nothing definitive. All I know is that we can get in for only $30.
Aug. 26th- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! :) I'll be turning the big 25, quarter of a century old. ugh. Well, hopefully 25 will be a successful year-cross your fingers people. That day I'm heading down to the PNC Bank Arts Center for Opie and Anthony's Traveling Virus. We're going to see comics like Tracy Morgan, Carlos Mencia, and Bob Saget!! WOO-HOO!! That's Eric's birthday present for me!! *happy, giddy dance* We're going to tailgate this bitch to-I'm such a dork-I've never tailgated! I called birthday privelage so I don't have to drive-alcohol, here I come! :)

Wow, what a way to bring about my 25th birthday-hopefully the amount of eggs cracked on my head will be minimal, but Eric has threatened lots of eggs on my head. We'll see what happens. We're even going to have a joint birthday party on the Island for Shannon, Joe, and myself. I foresee a really awesome time.

And in September? Tool concert at the Tweeter Center in Camden on Sept. 28th. Holy shit, I'm excited. :)

Until next time...
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